Surabaya - Two days later, the capital of East Java was hit by a suicide bomb carried by a terrorist family. The following is a series of acts of terror as well as police action in Surabaya and surrounding areas.

Sunday, May 13, 2018, a suicide bomber attacked three churches in Surabaya. The perpetrator is a family led by the father, Dita Oepriarto (48).

Dita runs this savage with his wife Puji Kuswati (43), two daughters with initials FS (12) and FR (9), and two sons with initials YF (18) and FA (16). Here are the three churches they bombed:

1. The Sacred Catholic Church of Immaculate Life

The church, which is located at Jalan Ngagel Madya 01, Surabaya, became the first attacked by a suicide bomb attack yesterday morning, precisely at 06.30 WIB.

Two Dita's sons, YF (18) and FA (16), rode on motorbikes, into the churchyard of Santa Maria. They blew themselves up in the churchyard.

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"The seven people died, consisting of two perpetrators and five from the community," said East Java Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Frans Barung Mangera at East Java Police Headquarters, Surabaya, Monday (14/05/2018).

2. Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Surabaya

The church, located at Jalan Diponegoro, Surabaya, became the second target of suicide bombing. The bomb exploded here at 7:15 pm.

The culprit is the wife of Dita, namely Puji Kuswati (43), who arrived at the location after Dita delivered by car. Praise her two young daughters with initials FS (12) and FR (9) stepped into church. The mother and two of her children were killed by the bomb itself.

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"Died the world of three perpetrators, no society (the victims)," said Frans.

3. Central Pentecostal Church of Surabaya

The church, located at Jalan Arjuna, Surabaya, was the target of the third suicide bombing yesterday morning. The bomb exploded here at 7:53 pm.

The culprit is Dita herself. After lowering Puji and his two daughters to blow themselves up in GKI Surabaya, Dita has advanced his Toyota Avanza to the Pentecostal Church. He crashed the car and detonated his bomb in the Pentecostal Church at 7:53 pm.

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"It turns out the development, seven people died and one of the perpetrators who died there," said Frans.

Of the suicide bombings in the three churches, a total of 18 people were killed, consisting of six perpetrators and 12 residents.

Bomb Polrestabes Surabaya

Monday, May 14, 2018, this morning, the public City of Hero was again shocked by a bomb explosion. This time the bomb exploded at Polrestabes Surabaya at Jalan Sikatan around 08.50 WIB.

The culprit is a family too. The family of Surabaya bombers consists of Tri Murtiono (50), his wife named Tri Ernawati (43), and his three children. Tri Murtiono and Tri Ernawati were killed, as were her two children. So there are four perpetrators who died in this incident.

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The youngest son whose initials A bounced, but did not die. "This is the most important witness, let him be treated," said National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian during a press conference at East Java Police Headquarters this afternoon. The bomb in Polrestabes Surabaya resulted in four policemen and six people injured.

Operation Antiteror in Sidoarjo

In Sidoarjo, a city not far from Surabaya, police crack down on suspected terrorists. There are three locations where the police act, namely in Rusunawa Wonocolo, in Puri Maharani Housing, and in Dusung Jedong Town District.

Sunday, May 13, 2018, at 21:20 pm last night, police targeting suspected terrorists in Rusunawa Wonocolo, Sidoarjo. There was a family of suspected terrorists. From a family of six, three people were killed in this counterterrorism operation. The three dead included Anton, who is called the police as a member of the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD).

On Monday, May 14, 2018, today, at 07.30 WIB, Densus 88 Antiteror acted in Perum Puri Maharani, Block A4 Number 11, District Sukodono, Sidoarjo. One suspected terrorist killed in the name of Budi Satrio (48).

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Then on this afternoon, the police moved to a rented house in Jedong, RT 1 RW 2, Village Urang Agung, Town District, Sidoarjo. There are four men who secured Densus 88, among them known as Agus Widodo (35) and Ilham. Six homemade bombs were secured from this location.

Finally, East Java Police revealed there were eight suspected terrorists arrested in East Java. The number of people arrested was an accumulation of prosecution in Sidoarjo plus Surabaya. Finally there was arrest in Ahmad Yani area, near Graha Pena Surabaya.

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